Tröndle, Martin / Kirchberg, Volker / Tschacher, Wolfgang (2014): Subtle Differences: Men and Women and their Art Reception. The Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 48 (4), 65-93. DOI: 10.5406/jaesteduc.48.4.0065.

Aesthetics: Does Sex Matter?

While presenting this manuscript to art practitioners and art theorists, we noticed that there is great discomfort confronting this topic. Some questions raised were why is such research conducted, what is it good for, and does it impose preconceptions on men and women. Since Bourdieu and Darbel, it is widely assumed that sociodemographic factors such as education or profession have an impact on art reception. However, questions of basal sociodemographic factors like sex and age and their in uence on art recep- tion are seldom discussed. John Falk, a specialist on museum visitor studies, even states, “Quantitative measures such as demographics provide too little information about visitors in relation to museums to be useful variables for describing and understanding the museum visitor experience.”

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